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Food Dairy Industry

Turnkey Projects for Food & Dairy Industry

Turnkey Projects for Food & Dairy Industry

Every time you buy skimmed milk powder or dissolve crystalline nutrient food in water, know that it is Shachi at work. Shachi's drying and evaporation technologies have eased so many cumbersome processes and given consumers today the convenience of dry, easyto- carry, compact, healthy and highly preservable, long shelf-life food and milk products.

Food and Dairy includes products like
Industrial food processing equipment and dairy processing equipment used
Some Food Dairy items needs concentration process to preserve their nutritive quality. They are also heat sensitive. Milk is concentrated in an evaporator and then spray dried. Multistage evaporator with spray dryer is provided for the above process.

Drying plant is equipped with the CIP system to maintain the hygiene of the product. This also calls for designing of systems where there will be zero contamination of foreign material in the product.

To maintain nutritional properties of food products, the airflow pattern is designed such that drying takes place at low temperature and at lower residence time. The sizing of the equipment is also designed to suit the hygroscopic and sticky nature of the product.

Pneumatic conveying, cleaning and sweeping arrangement is equipped with the system.These products also need predrying and post drying treatments like blending, post drying, Lecithination etc.
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