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Fluidised Spray Dryers

Fluidized Spray Dryers

Fluidized Spray Dryers

The Integrated Fluidised Spray Dryer combine spray drying and fluid bed drying technologies. Operational flexibility enables production of a wide range of physical properties and excellent thermal efficiency because drying at lower temperature.

The spray is created by a spray nozzle atomizer down towards the fluid bed where agglomeration incorporating finer, recycled material takes place. Exhaust air outlet is let through the roof causing further agglomeration in the spray zone.

The recirculation system uses cyclones or bag filters, or a combination of both to recycle fines to the spray dryer chamber, the integrated fluid bed, or the external fluid bed. The process produces non-dusty, free flowing agglomerated powders with high flavor retention. Third stage fluid bed drying / cooling can be done .

Sticky products can successfully be dried, and the concept is ideal for drying heat sensitive products, and improved aroma retention is accomplished.

This design concept is successful for drying high fats, hygroscopic, and sticky products that are difficult to handle in more conventional designs.

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