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Detergent Plants

Detergent Plants

Detergent Plants

Detergent Plants

Detergents are used for many purposes, and there are wide range of substrates e.g. surface to be cleaned and of soils. We mainly focus on main substrate i.e. textile fabrics.

In detergent powder plant, for manufacturing of detergents more than 40 & odd ingredients can be used. A detergent in detergent plant is a formulation comprising essential constituents viz. surface active agents, builders, boosters, fillers and auxiliaries. Each of these basic materials has its advantages and disadvantages

SHACHI ENGINEERING PVT. LIMITED observe some guidelines as to quality control of spray dried powder viz.
  • Good colour properties
  • Desirable particle size and spread
  • Correct bulk density
  • Correct residual moisture content
  • Absence of stickiness
  • Uniform composition & appearance

For spray drying of detergent powder, machine mixed powder is converted into slurry of desired solid contents. Then after de-aeration [if required] of slurry, it is filtered to get consistent viscosity and this slurry is pumped and sprayed through nozzle. Sprayed slurry is dried by countercurrent / co-current of hot air.

This spray dried powder with appropriate cooling is mixed with perborates, optical brighteners, enzymes and perfumes. This material is then packed in desired packing.

Total operations of detergent powder manufacturing to packing of spray dried powder can be fully automatic, semiautomatic or manual depending on the client's requirement.
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